1) A Unique Beginning:  Mark Ch1 v1  
         Peter Kenny, 22 Jan 2023

Who is Jesus? Mark's Gospel

2) A Unique Son: Mark Ch1 v1-13
         Peter Kenny, 29 Jan 2023

3) A Unique Message: Mark Ch1 v14-39
         Peter Kenny, 5 Feb 2023

4) A Unique Authority: Mark Ch1 v40-2v17
         Peter Kenny, 12 Feb 2023

5) Unique Answers: Mark Ch2 v18-3v6
         Peter Kenny, 26Feb 2023

6) A Unique People: Mark Ch3 v7-35
         Peter Kenny, 12Mar 2023

7) A Unique Hearing: Mark Ch4 v1-20
         Peter Kenny, 19Mar 2023

8) A Unique Kingdom: Mark Ch4 v21-34
         Peter Kenny, 26Mar 2023

9) A Unique Power: Mark Ch4 v35-41
         Peter Kenny, 2Apr 2023

10) A Unique Journey: Mark Ch5 v1-20
         Peter Kenny, 23Apr 2023

11) A Unique Healer: Mark Ch5 v21-43
         Peter Kenny, 30Apr 2023

12) A Unique Homecoming: Mark Ch6 v1-6
         Peter Kenny, 7May 2023

13) A Unique Mission: Mark Ch6 v7-30
         Peter Kenny, 14May 2023

14) A Unique Supplier: Mark Ch6 v30-45
         Peter Kenny, 21 May 2023

15) A Unique Walk: Mark Ch6 v45-56
         Peter Kenny, 28 May 2023

16) A Unique Touch: Mark Ch6 v53 to Ch7 v23
         Peter Kenny, 4 June 2023
17) A Unique Response: Mark Ch7 v 24-30
         Peter Kenny, 11June 2023
18) A Unique Opening: Mark Ch7 v 31-37
         Peter Kenny, 25June 2023
19) Jesus-He is The Christ: Mark Ch8 v 1-30           
          Peter Kenny, 3rd of September 2023
20) Jesus-He had to suffer: Mark Ch8 v31 to Ch9v1                Peter Kenny, 10th  of September 2023
21) Jesus-The Son of God-Listen to Him: Mark Ch9 v1-13     
          Peter Kenny, 17th  of September 2023
22) Mark Ch9 v14-29 -The Power of Prayer 
           Peter Kenny, 24th  of September 2023
23) Mark Ch9 v30-50 -The Way of the Cross
           Peter Kenny, 1st of October 2023
24) Mark Ch10 v1-12 -Creation, marriage and divorce
           Peter Kenny, 22nd of October 2023
25) Mark Ch10 v13-31 -Entrance to the Kingdom
          Peter Kenny, 29th of October 2023

26) Mark Ch10 v32-52 -How can Jesus help you?
           Peter Kenny, 5th of November 2023
27) Mark Ch11 v1-11 -The triumphal entry of the King
          Peter Kenny, 12th of November 2023
28) Mark 12v18- 27 - Jesus Teaches on Marriage  & Resurrection
​           Peter Kenny, 21st of January 2024

29) Mark 12v28- 34- Jesus Teaches on The Greatest Commandment
​           Peter Kenny, 4th of February 2024
30) Mark 12v35- 37- Jesus Teaches on His Own Authority
​           Peter Kenny, 11th of February 2024
31) Mark 12v38- 44- Jesus Teaches on True Devotion
​           Peter Kenny, 25th of February 2024